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Toshl tracking more than $250 000 000 of expenses

We’re extremely happy to announce that we’re now tracking more than $250 000 000 of people’s expenses. They’re real expenses too, using some clever algorithms we make sure people aren’t adding wacky fictional items to their lists.

We’re thrilled that we’re helping so many people know their finances better and save money in the process. We’ve got lots of plans to improve Toshl and make it even better. Our mission is making your finances fun and easy to understand and we’ll continue to make that a reality.

250 million dollars is a huge amount of money and it can be difficult to understand how much that is in real life. So we’ve made an infographic to put things into perspective a bit. Now we’re off to fly our brand new Mig-29s. Wohooo!

Click on the image to enlarge it.
250 million of expenses250 million of expenses

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