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Toshl Web App Updated: Travel Trough Time

The Toshl web app is where you can come to keep a tab on your finances when you have the luxury of a bit larger screen than on your mobile device. In quite a lot of ways it builds on the features from mobile devices and adds some extra power. This time, we’ve updated the web app with time spans, currencies and a whole lot of other goodies.

Custom Timespans on The Web
This is a feature where we were running a bit behind the mobile versions, but now all the apps are up to speed. You can set a custom timespan on the web, but keep using My financial month for the majority of your browsing.
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It’s even nicer on the web, since you can see the data in graphs in any time period that you like and get a better sense of your finances. Perfect for summing up the costs of travel or doing a whole year’s review for example.
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Your timespan settings now also sync with your mobile devices so there’s no confusion or additional settings-tapping for you.
Use ALL The Currencies

We’ve made some big changes when it comes to handling foreign currencies. We previously had about 30 currencies pre-entered and with daily updated exchange rates. The rest could be added as a custom currency. Now we’ve greatly expanded that list. Toshl now supports 161 currencies with exchange rates updated daily. We’ve got everything from the Afghan Afgani to the Zimbabwean Dollar. There’s even support for Bitcoin (BTC) if you’re into virtual currencies and the thrilling sport of financial bubble surfing. If you still can’t find your currency on the list among all these, you can still use a custom currency. We dare you. ;)

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The currency settings have also been improved, with a clearer difference between the currently active currency and the main one you use most of the time and base your calculations and graphs on.
Go on a Hot Date
Getting a date is now much easier. ;) We’ve changed the date picker to a one with a much nicer calendar browser it’s a few clicks closer and the road to your desired date nicer. If you want you can also type the date right in the field and not bother with any of that pesky moving of your hand away from the keyboard.
When you’re browsing in a month that’s not the current one and want to add an expense, Toshl will also automatically suggest a date in that month, making your life a bit easier.
Under The Hood
You might not see the difference right away, but we have made a lot of changes in the background. The graphs and a whole lot of other interactive elements of the web app are now done in jQuery. That might not mean a lot to you, but it should generally work smoother, faster and it will be easier for us to expand the functionality in the future. Things like better visualisations are coming your way. There’s also a lot of smaller improvements, we hope you’ll notice a nice detail or two that are nicer than before.
We invite you to log in to and check out the new goodies. Your feedback is appreciated and we’re always working on continuously improving the experience.
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