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Toshl wins Finovate Europe 2014 Best of Show with a sneak peek of the new Toshl Finance

Lately we have been nestled away in our secret lair, working on the next major version of Toshl. But there comes a time when one has to peek into the light and bathe in the sunshine. So naturally, we went to London. A city widely known for it’s sunny disposition.

Weather-based sarcasm aside, we went there to attend Finovate Europe, a conference on the future of financial technology. We went there to offer a sneak peek at the upcoming version of Toshl Finance, make connections in the financial and tech industry as well as meet existing ones.
As all the presenting companies, we were given 7 minutes on stage to demo what we’ve made. No slides and pre-canned videos allowed, it had to be a live demo. We were presenting the new Toshl Finance UI, both on iOS and the Web, with even more focus on making finance fun. The presentation was themed accordingly, which might have been a bit unusual to a suit-clad audience of banking executives used to presentations with a bit less zest.
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Nevertheless, the reactions were great as we talked to the people at the conference at our booth after the presentation. Luckily, there was also the Twitter feed, where we could see what people were saying during the presentation itself. Here are some of our favourite ones:
The video of our demo is not yet available, but should be in about a week or so. We’ll post it here once it is. We don’t want to leave you hanging meanwhile. The Next Web was covering the conference and they’ve written a nice article about some of the new things coming in Toshl Finance 2.0, including a few of the screenshots we sent over.
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Toshl wins Finovate Europe 2014 Best of Show
During the 2-day conference 67 companies demonstrated their products. Finovate Europe was sold out this year, with about 1000 people attending. The attendees which were not presenting could vote for their 3 favourite demos. I’m very glad to say that Toshl was in fact one of the 9 most voted for companies which won the Best of Show award.
The whole Toshl team has been doing great work on this new version and I’m incredibly excited as we steam ahead towards the launch in the upcoming quarter. May your finances be fun!
Update: The Toshl Finance 2.0 Finovate demo video has been posted. See how the new Toshl will be like. 

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