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Travel with Toshl Finance – keep on top of your expenses in different currencies

Traveling abroad is awesome. Broadens your horizons, gets you out if your normal routine and into new experiences. While a small nuisance in comparison to the benefits, tracking your money-flow can be much more difficult. The currency is different, so keeping track of how much you spend is more difficult because you have to do all these extra calculations in your mind. Here’s where Toshl Finance really shines.

Foreign currencies in Toshl Finance

When you’re adding an expense, simply tap the currency button next to the numeric keyboard. You’ll get a list of currencies you can switch to. For those that are on the list we’ll also suggest the daily exchange rate for that currency. If you want to add your own exchange rate, you’re welcome to do so.

Select the foreign currency on the numeric keyboardSelect the foreign currency on the numeric keyboard

Get an exchange rate automaticallyGet an exchange rate automatically

Toshl will remember the currency you chose until the next time you change it. That way you can easily enter all your expenses as you spend them in the foreign currency. Tap the added expense to see the details and you’ll see it in calculated in your home currency too.

Quick tip: with this you can also use Toshl as a quick currency calculator if you like.

The daily sums add up in your main currencyThe daily sums add up in your main currency

See the valute in your main currency on expense detailSee the value in your main currency on expense detail

All the daily sums and graphs use the numbers in your home currency so your figures always add up properly, no matter where you’ve been.

All your foreign expenses are converted and fit right in the graphsAll your foreign expenses are converted and fit right in the graphs

How are the currency exchange rates updated?

The currency list is refreshed with the new exchange rates for the day each time you sync. Of course you can also add any of the currencies which isn’t on the list, by choosing “Custom currency” from the list. In that case you’ll need to know the exchange rate yourself.

Here’s the list of 34 currencies that Toshl knows the daily exchange rates for. We’d like to support the rest too, but the European Central Banks provides the rates for those currencies, the rest have to be added manually. Getting the rates from different sources would be a bit too complicated for the time being.

  • Euro
  • US dollar
  • Japanese yen
  • Bulgarian lev
  • Czech koruna
  • Danish krone
  • Pound sterling
  • Hungarian forint
  • Lithuanian litas
  • Latvian lats
  • Polish zloty
  • New Romanian leu
  • Swedish krona
  • Swiss franc
  • Norwegian krone
  • Croatian kuna
  • Russian rouble
  • Turkish lira
  • Australian dollar
  • Brasilian real
  • Canadian dollar
  • Chinese yuan renminbi
  • Hong Kong dollar
  • Indonesian rupiah
  • Israeli shekel
  • Indian rupee
  • South Korean won
  • Mexican peso
  • Malaysian ringgit
  • New Zealand dollar
  • Philippine peso
  • Singapore dollar
  • Thai baht
  • South African rand

We hope Toshl will come handy wherever you travel to. Since it’s already being used in all kinds of places we have no doubt that the support for different currencies comes in handy many times. If you have some questions or ideas about currencies, we’d love to hear from you, international men and women of mystery. ;)

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