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Updated Toshl Finance for iPhone is out and about

Hey diligent finance trackers, there’s a new version of Toshl for iPhone out on iTunes. Don’t get too excited though, it’s a bug fix update, with a few needed fixes here and there but without new features. No need to be disappointed though, we have a few things up our sleeves for later this summer.

Toshl has also been renamed to Toshl Finance in the App Store, to show our aim to become a more complete, ¬°but still ultra-easy and fun!, finance management solution.

One of the little things we’ve changed and really restores my inner peace is the Edit button for expenses, so it doesn’t look outside of iOS norms, where that icon is normally used for creating new entries, not editing.

Toshl Finance Before and After

So get the update for maximum stability and up-to-datedness (yes, I’m making it a noun) and please rate Toshl on the iTunes App Store. Much obliged.

P.S.: Android users, We know it’s taking ages to get that proper Toshl for Android update with budgets, but we’re getting there!

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