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This is a guest post by Miha Slekovec, an avid user of Toshl Finance and an explorer of financial self-improvement.


If you are interested to know more about personal finances, here is a short guide through some of the most notable bloggers, podcasters and other writers. Some of them cover just private investment, while others are financial independence seekers. Some are both. They are a good resource of information about investing, especially for beginners. The list is quite Europe-oriented, but a lot of financial tips are universal and you can quickly find similar resources for your home country.



Monevator is an investor and a blogger from UK with a massive internal knowledge on the functioning of the financial industry. He strongly believes in personal freedom and acts accordingly. His blog is a great resource for small investors, but also for people who want to know more about the financial world.


Finanzrocker and Finanzwesir (in German) are the German equivalents of Monevator. From their home turf in northern Germany they write about the possibilities of investment in the German market, peculiarities of tax regulations and similar. Finanzrocker is more interested in the modern tools, such as robo-advisors or P2P lending, while Finanzwesir is interested in more traditional investments.


Mr. Money Mustache is most probably the best resource about early retirement and financial independence. He started writitng his blog in 2011 and has since then covered all of the most important topics for early retirees.


1.500 Days to Freedom covers similar topics as Mr. Money Mustache, but in a more fun way. His posts are also very short and full of other material, such as pictures and videos.


Madame Moneypenny (in German) is a German blogger about financial independence, who writes about it from a woman’s perspective.



Mad Fientist should be the first and foremost resource for podcasts about financial independence. Even though he is not a natural speaker, he compensates with funny and interesting guests, covering topics such as private investing and real estate.


Finanzwesir rockt (in German) is a monthly podcast, where Finanzwesir and Finanzrocker confront their different opinions on investment related topics. The podcast is very German-oriented, but their conclusions can be applied in other markets as well.


Bigger pockets podcast, also as video cast, specialized for real-estate investment. The topic is very specific, and focused on the USA market.


Do you know other great resources worth sharing? Share them with us.


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