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WalletGear – Use Toshl on a Samsung Gear Smartwatch

We’ve always been fans of adding your cash expenses quickly and on the move, integrated into your daily routine. But having to pull the phone out of your pocket and unlock it can cost you those precious extra few seconds when you’re standing at the cash register.

If you’re a proud owner of a Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch, that’s not a problem anymore thanks to Anton Udal’yev. Anton made WalletGear, a great looking Toshl client app for Gear 2 and Gear S watches that connect to your Toshl account using our developer API.


You can add expenses complete with tags quickly and right from your wrist. There’s also the option to list the expenses from the last month or week so you can be in control of your spending.

It’s available as a paid download for $1.5 from Samsung Apps on you smartwatch.


We haven’t been able to try it out ourselves yet, since we don’t have a current generation Samsung Gear around. We’d love to hear about your experiences with the app.
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