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We Are NOT Giving Out Movie Tickets in Singapore

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. Or Singaporeans bearing free movie tickets in this case. The fact that we won’t buy you a free movie ticket usually goes without saying. However we’ve been getting reports that people purporting to be representatives of Toshl Finance have been offering movie tickets in Singapore’s Suntec shopping centre in exchange for phone numbers.

We do not have ANY official representatives in Singapore and are NOT running any such promotion.

Please disregard such offers and DO NOT give them any personal information. We are not yet aware of their full intentions, but since they are abusing our good name without any authorisation, it’s possible something nefarious might be at play here.

If you have been approached by these people or can offer any additional information about this, please contact us on

This is how an official Toshl stranger with candy would look like. The ones mentioned in the text above are not official in any way.
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