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What we’ve been up to, WP7 heatmap and some upcoming fixes

So, what have we been up to lately? As you know we’ve recently launched Toshl 1.7 with a bunch of new features for the Web, iPhone and Windows Phone. We’re now working hard to bring you all of those goodies to Nokia platforms and Android as well.

On Android, we first need to take care of some old debts as well. Repeating expenses have been malfunctioning for some users and could even produce huge faux sums. We’re testing a release which will fix all that for Toshl 1.6 for Android and hopefully keep those issues resolved going forward.

If you’ve been suffering from those problems or would like to try the fixed version, please help us test it. Download Toshl for Android 1.6.8.
If you’ve been having problems with repeats, please delete the old repeats and set up new ones. It should be smooth sailing from then onward.
If you encounter any problems, please tell us about them, write to: info [at]
Right after the fix is completed we’ll refocus our efforts on 1.7 with incomes for Android.

Toshl 1.7 for Symbian^3 is also nearing completion. We’re doing some internal testing at the moment, but we will start with public beta testing soon. Write us at info [at] if you would like to participate.

We’ve also moved with most of the Toshl team to San Francisco and the Silicon Valley, where we’ll be creating during the summer. Great times and opportunities ahead, more on that a bit later.

For the end of this post, a little more eye-candy we’ve been playing around with. Heatmap of added expenses based on just the Windows Phone Toshl GPS geolocation data.
Toshl Finance Windows Phone users around the worldSee it in full size

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