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Woohooo, iPhone 1.6 and BlackBerry 1.6 out now!

Seriously, after many months of designing, developing, testing, we finally released enormous, bigger than Beatles kind-of update of Toshl on iPhone, while developing the same version for BlackBerries from scratch, and also managing to freshen-up the web version with new sync API as well.

Yes, now we can go to bed. Almost. Let’s review the news first.

Starting with BlackBerry. First, we believe Toshl for BB’s is one of the most beautiful designs ever created for BB platform. This does not make us geniuses or an insane group of perfectionists, but it just shows how badly BB developers treat user experience and esthetics. Quite wrongly so. Blackberry users know why they use what they use. They know that RIM produces marvelous hardware and software, both completely focused on BB core functionality. And this quest to perfection makes BB truly unique. Indeed, iPhone, Android, WP7, Maemo, WebOS users can easily say that they are better at pretty much everything. Rightly so. But again, BB users know what they want and they are probably the most enthusiastic mobile phone users of them all (ok, apart from those carrying a n900 around).

Toshl Finance for Blackberry

And when we were creating Toshl for BB, we said: it needs to be the best financial tracking expense software for BlackBerry, it needs to look fantastic (given usability and OS expected behavior limitations) and it needs to follow those Toshl core values that we cherish so much. And here it is. One of the best looking BlackBerry apps, completely focused on one thing only: making your financial lives a bit more fun and a bit more care free. With all the functionality that you get on iPhone version, but with BlackBerry flavor. BB users will love it.
Toshl for BlackBerry is currently only available via web site. We are waiting for Canadians to wake up and allow us to publish Toshl on App World, but until they do that, we will stay where we are. Please, download it and share the cirque with us. We are known to listen and react fast.

The iPhone version. Funny enough, iPhone is statistically not the most important platform for Toshl. Android and Nokia are. But this might change completely, since iPhone version is now completely redone, redesigned, with many more functions and usability tricks. We believe users will applaud the new version as much or even more as they did the 1.5 one, because it is bringing them multiple currency support, budgets, lock you data functionality, shake to add expense and much much more. Hit app store, read what’s new about it, download it (it is still free) and tell us what you think.

Toshl Finance for iOS

Web version. We call it 1.1. And it is even nicer than the old one. With more functionality as well, following the ones introduced to iPhone and BlackBerry Toshl versions. So, expect budgets and so on. And omg, those illustrations are awesome. We should put them on T-shirts asap! And we shall! Well, actually :)

Toshl Finance T-shirt

API version and cloud backup sync. New as well. Not that you are that interested in this, but it is much more secure, much more stable, is future compatible and optimized for family Toshl users, where more than one person uses Toshl account. If you are a developer, this API is still not public and we have still not decided to make it public. If you have any opinions about this, let us know!

And again, many many thanks to all the beta testers of iPhone, BlackBerry and Web Toshl updates. You are the best.

Now we can really go to bed, get some sleep.

written by Andra┼ż Logar, Toshl product owner.

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