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Colours, Currencies, Connectivity! Toshl App Improvements Galore!

As we gear up for the release of major new features like the new email reports and exports, we’re taking a few moments to highlight some minor improvements that we’ve made recently in the Toshl apps.

  • A new set of colours for the graphs. Expenses, incomes, River flow, Planning… All the graphs in the web app got a fresh coating of paint, increasing the contrasts between categories while keeping our aesthetic standards satisfied. Web app is the first to get this update, with mobile apps following later on.
  • Overhauled budget history graph on the web app. It previously showed only your budget spending in past periods. It now compares your spending to the budget amount that you have set for the period. Go over your planned budget and the overspending will glow with increasingly menacing shades of red. Click on the graph to show details for the period. Previously available in the Android app, coming soon to iOS as well along with some yearly budgeting stats to boot.
  • 8 new cryptocurrencies with constantly updated fresh exchange rates added. They’re already available in all the Toshl Finance apps, just pick the currency and you’ll find them there. This bring the total of available currencies to 258. You can use any of these currencies for your entries, budgets, accounts or even as your main currency. New additions:
    • Aave (AAVE)
    • Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)
    • SushiSwap (SUSHI)
    • Storj (SOTRJ)
    • NuCrypto (NU)
    • Ethereum 2 (ETH2)
    • Polygon (MATIC)
    • Ankr (ANKR)
  • Company VAT ID numbers for companies from the European Union can now be added to Toshl invoices as a part of the upgrade process when upgrading on our website. The ID is automatically matched with the company list and further details are pre-filled.
  • The upgrade process was streamlined, with less promotional imagery. We’ve added an option to skip the free T-shirt or socks that normally come with the 3-year plan.
  • Membership status translations on the user settings (Me) were improved for clarity in cases where the free trial auto-renewal had been already cancelled.
  • Bank connectivity systems were improved in app updates both on iOS and Android, with iOS getting the larger overhaul this time. We’re continuing work on these issues, in particular; handling redirections after authenticating on the bank’s website. Due to various web browsers on Android handling this quite differently and these behaviours changing, the last step of connecting can sometimes fail. The connection will normally fix itself in the next retry in an hour, but this skips limiting the import by date. A workaround is in the making. If this happens when connecting your bank, please also try connecting from the web browser on Such issues affect a minority of bank connections, most should connect fine on all devices.
  • Speedier syncing of the iOS mobile app with Toshl servers and consequently with other Toshl apps as well.

Toshl monsters got a bit carried away with the colours, but are fine now. Their friend Bojan is still recovering from the addiction.

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