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Matching credit card expenses with Foursquare venues

We’re constantly making improvements to the Toshl services. Lots of them aren’t full blown features on their own, but come very useful when they show up.

For example, we recently added matching of expense locations that come in automatically through your bank connections to Foursquare venues.

When your credit card spending data comes into Toshl, an exact location can be determined based on the expense description. It won’t work for all expenses, but it should in a lot of cases.

Until recently, only the coordinates were added so you could see the map on the expense details. Now these coordinates automatically match to a Foursquare venue, so you have more detailed data about the place. These expenses can now also show up on the expense locations map in Toshl apps.

Better still, these expenses are now also summed up for an individual venue, so you’ll know exactly how much you spent at your favorite coffee shop or grocery store.

expense with location - una pizza napoletana

Here’s how it can look like when the expense location is matched. If you’re ever around, it’s the pizza to try in San Francisco.


That’s how the matching happens when using the Toshl Medici plan with automatic bank connections. Naturally, you can also add locations to the expenses you enter manually or to those which haven’t been determined automatically.

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