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Toshl 3.0 and Toshl Medici can make your credit card spending just fly in

Toshl can now automatically import data from your credit card, bank or other financial service. Just spend with your card, PayPal or make a bank transfer – the transactions will automatically be imported, categorised and offer some much needed clarity to your finances.

All you need to do is connect your bank, card or other financial service in the Toshl app and off you go. Toshl will import your available past transactions as well as automatically add entries as you spend from then on.

Toshl Medici bank connections on iOS

Of course, you can still enter data as you have so far. Enter your cash purchases quickly in our Android, iOS and web apps, or import in batch from a file in the web app.



The new automatic connections with banks are available with Toshl Medici.

Medici is a new, most powerful subscription tier in Toshl. It includes all the features that the free and Pro plans include, plus adds the ability to automatically import transactions from your financial services. It costs $4,99 per month when charged monthly or $3,33 per month when charged yearly.

Detailed pricing & features



The bank connections are currently available with US financial institutions. Almost any US bank or credit card works as more than 9000 different connections are available.

Check out the full list of supported financial institutions (log in required)


We don’t plan to stop there and will expand the offer to many more countries and financial institutions in the future. Aside from covering the world’s established banks, we’ll also expand to more new and innovative financial services. Today, we’re starting with support for automatic connections with the Bitstamp currency exchange, which you can already connect.


You might be wondering, why is it called “Medici”? The answer is but a click away.


Toshl 3.0 isn’t only about bank connections. We’ve added lots of other useful improvements as well:


Easier balance reconciliation for manual financial accounts

No more manual calculations required. Now, you just edit a financial account, enter the account balance you’d like to set, save and Toshl automatically adds a “reconciliation entry” in the amount needed to get to the desired balance. This way, you can easily adjust your manual account balances and see how much reconciliation was required – in other words – how much you strayed from your noted expenditure.

Adjust account balance, limit


Set a custom balance limit on a financial account

Works great both with connected and manual financial accounts. You’ll get a notification when you approach the limit you set, to the last 10 % of your usual balance and when you surpass it. It can act as a canary in a coal mine, warning you when you’re on your way to some cashflow difficulties.


Budgets are now grouped by the financial accounts they track on Android

For example, if you have budgets that exclude some accounts, like a savings account for example, budgets with the same account filtering will now be grouped together. They’ll also count for left to spend calculations on Monthly Overview and River flow graphs, whereas only All accounts budgets counted before. The improvement will soon be making its way to iOS and web apps as well.


  • Financial accounts can now be deleted from the mobile app
  • New main menu style on iOS

New navigation on iOS


  • Medici family Toshl monsters joined the family
  • Lots of minor improvements and bug fixes


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Caterina de Medici

Yaaay, the Medici are here to stay!

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