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New Toshl Socks! Put Yourself and Your Finances on Firm Footing

We make handling your finances easier, but did you know we also make socks? Not just any kind, really nice, colourful socks that will liven up your summer attire. There’s also a somewhat toned down pair in grayscale that fits well with more formal pants, yet still includes the Toshl motifs.

Today, we’re adding a new sock design to the mix. Green, with blue fingerprint patterns and black white-columned spots. Check them out on the image below, but trust us, they look even better in person.

How do you get these socks, you ask? Upgrade to the 3-year Toshl Pro or Toshl Medici plan and we’ll send all three pairs your way. Consider this stylistic upgrade of your feet as another benefit of keeping your finances healthy and in order.

Excerpt from our pricing page below, click for more info. The 3-year plan with socks is only available on, as in-app purchases in the Toshl mobile apps don’t allow for shipping of physical goods.

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