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Toshl Proadvanced featuresmanual entry
Toshl Mediciadvanced featuresautomatic bank sync

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Mobile apps for Android and iOS
Web app for desktop & tablet
Import from files csv, ofx, qfx, tsv, tab, xls, txt, qif
Quick manual entry via mobile and web apps
Syncs automatically
bank accounts
credit cards
other financial accounts
List of supported bank connections
2 financial accounts
2 budgets
Export data
to CSV
Unlimited financial accounts
Unlimited budgets
Export data to CSV, PDF, Excel, Google Drive and Evernote
Planning graphs plan your financial future and analyze the past
Repeating expenses, incomes and transfers
Reminders for upcoming expenses, incomes, and transfers
Lock the mobile apps with fingerprint or passcode
Receipt photos up to 4 per expense or income

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