On budget.
Off worries.

Why budget?

Because spending everything you earn is generally not a good idea. You should be saving a part of your income for emergencies, larger purchases in the future, or investments in a more carefree tomorrow.

It starts by setting up a simple monthly budget for all your expenses.

How to Set Up Your Budgets and Control Your Spending

In a category of its own.

What if you want to budget for something in particular? No problem, you can set the budgets to track only expenses with particular categories, tags or financial accounts.

The versatility doesn't end there. Budgets can be monthly, weekly, daily or any custom period you like. They can also be set in any of the 200+ currencies that are supported in Toshl.

They can fill up automatically based on the amount of your incomes and roll-over any surpluses or deficits into the next month.

See how you're doing so far.

At any point in the month, you can easily check how your budget spending is comparing to the time passed.

What's more, Toshl will send you notifications if there are major changes in your projected budgeting trajectory.

How to Use The Budgets

Follow the flow.

If you have a monthly budget for all expenses, it's automatically included in the "left to spend" calulations, to make sure you don't go overboard.

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