Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Displaying financial data

I can’t see my data, where has it gone?

Your data is almost certainly still there, but is likely just filtered out and thus can’t be displayed.

Make sure you have set the time span correctly and that the financial accounts are set to ON.

If it’s about displaying future expenses in graphs, make sure the Planned setting is set to ON.

Time spans on Android, iOS, Web App

Financial accounts & categories filtering on Android, iOS, Web App

Where can I see the transfers between financial accounts?

Both in the expense list and the incomes list. Provided you have the source or the destination account set to ON.

Are transfers between financial accounts included in the expense and income sums?

Usually no. If all your financial accounts are set to ON, they will not be included in the expense and income sums.

For example; you have all financial accounts displayed (set to ON). You make a transfer from account “Bank” to account “Cash”. Just as if you were withdrawing cash from an ATM. This is still your money, the transfer merely moved it from one pile of money to the other. It thus shouldn’t count as an expense or income.

If some financial accounts accounts are displayed and some aren’t, then it’s a different story. Transfers may be counted in expense and income sums if going to and from financial accounts set to OFF.

For example; you make a transfer from account “Bank” which is displayed (set to ON), to the “Savings” account which is not displayed (set to OFF).

In this case you’re making a transfer from the group of accounts set to ON, to the group set to OFF. In this case, the transfer will be counted as an expense as it is going out of the group of the displayed accounts.

It works the same way, but in the other direction with incomes. If I get a transfer from an account set to OFF, it will be counted as an income.

Why does it behave that way? Let’s say you want that “Savings” account set to OFF most of the time, so it’s separate from your daily finances and meant for more long term saving. In that case you would want the transfer to be counted as an expense. It is an expense from your daily or monthly point of view. You shouldn’t touch that money for years and is therefore an expense at this moment. Of course you can always see the entirety of your financial life simply by setting the “Savings” account ON and your savings will no longer be counted as expenses.

How can I change the way the date is displayed?

The dates are displayed based on your regional formatting setting. In the web app you can adjust it manually in the general settings.

In the mobile apps, they depend on the system setting of your phone’s operating system.

If you speak Spanish and would rather have September spelled as “Septiembre” instead of “Setiembre”, switch to the “Spanish (Spain)” regional format and your wish shall be fulfilled.


How can I move money left over in one month to the next month?

This is actually already done automatically, it’s more a question of where the data is displayed.

Almost all the sums and graphs in Toshl are displayed based on the time span. By default, this will be the current month.

See how this works with the “Left to spend” number and related graphs.

This is meant to track everything month-by-month to make sure you’re in the positive each month.

Account balances are the exception, as they do not change based on the time span setting. They are always “all time”, so they include all your past expenses and incomes and always show today’s total balance on the account.

If you would like your budget to carry over the remaining or lacking sum into the next month, you can set this using the “Move remaining funds to the next period” setting.

If you set this to ON on your monthly budget for all expenses, this will also affect the “Left to spend” sums each month.


How to set up the most important budgets on Android, iOS, Web App

How to use the budgets in general on Android, iOS, Web App

Bank connections, importing data

Do you support automatic syncing of data with my bank account or other online payment system?

Yes. Toshl can currently connect to about 14 000 types of bank and other financial service connections worldwide. You can see the list of supported connections on the Bank connections page. While a Toshl Medici plan is required to use the bank connections, there’s a free 30-day trial available.

We are constantly adding more bank connections in different countries, but can’t promise specific connections in advance.

More information is available in the bank connections section below and the tutorials for setting up Toshl with bank connections for Web, iOS and Android.

What about privacy and security?

We work with trusted partners in the financial industry to help connect with banks, namely Plaid (US, Canada, some in UK, France, Spain) and Salt Edge (most of the other connections). Toshl itself actually never sees or stores your credentials. The exact manner of connecting depends on the individual bank and the connectivity options they offer.

More information on how bank connections work.

Details about safeguarding your data can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Leopoldo Medici Toshl monster

I cannot connect to the bank / financial service with my credentials. What should I do?

When connecting the bank or financial service, please log in to their web app first and make sure that you use the same credentials on bank connection login screen in Toshl app. It’s important that you log in through the web browser, as the web app of the bank is used by Toshl to access the data. The bank’s mobile apps often use different log in systems. If the log in works for the bank’s web app, it should connect in Toshl as well.

When your bank requires you to enter randomly generated code, please keep in mind that such codes are usually time-sensitive need to be entered quickly. In most cases, you have 20-30 seconds available to enter and submit the code.

If the problems persist despite that checking what’s mentioned above, please contact us on and describe exactly what happened.

How far back in time can the transactions be imported?

It depends on the bank. With most bank connections, either 1 year or 2 months of data are available, but this can vary. Additionally, you can limit how much of the available data is imported when setting up the connection in Toshl. When you connect to your bank or financial service, choose the date, from which onward you would like the data imported. This is important if you’ve been tracking some of these accounts manually before. Pick a date from when you’d like to switch to automatic and import from there. By default, Toshl will import all available past data.

Can I disable the financial accounts I don’t need?

Yes. While Toshl imports all the financial accounts available on the bank by default, you can simply delete the financial accounts that you don’t need and they’ll stop importing. The other accounts on the connection will continue to import the data normally. To delete an account: tap Edit below the account list / Edit next to individual account / Delete account. Delete the accounts only if you’re sure you won’t need these financial accounts later on. If you wish to start importing them later, you’d need to re-add the entire connection. If you don’t want to see these accounts temporarily, you can just set them to OFF to filter them out.

Is it possible to add expenses to connected (automatic) accounts manually?

Yes. You can edit the data on connected accounts freely.

How are transfers between my own accounts handled?

Normally they are detected automatically. As are ATM withdrawals to cash. Such transfers typically don’t count in expense and income sums, as they’re your internal transfers.

If some info about a transfer from the bank is missing, you can fill in the blanks manually, by clicking “Make transfer” on the entry, or by going to Bank connections / Review entries.

More info on how transfer matching works.

How can I delete the bank connection?

If you want to delete a connection, go to Bank connections in the main menu – click Edit next to a connection – then Disconnect & Remove.

The accounts and entires that the connection imported will remain by default, they just won’t update anymore. If you’d like to remove them as well, edit those financial accounts and choose to delete them along with the data.

The mobile apps (Android, iOS) now ask whether you’d like to delete accounts and transactions when removing a bank connection. Keeping them is the default and recommended option. The web app preserves the accounts by default.

I am thinking about reconnecting the bank/financial service. What will it mean?

Every time you connect a bank, it will create new financial accounts to import on. It won’t continue on your existing ones.

You can set from when to start importing on the new connection, to ensure there won’t be an overlap with the transactions on existing accounts.

Once you have the new set of accounts imported, you can also merge them with the older accounts. If you limited the new connection by date as mentioned above, there shouldn’t be any overlap in dates and no duplicates.

Can I import data into Toshl from a file?

Yes, you can do so in the Import section in the web app on You can import financial data from CSV, XLS, OFX, QFX and QIF files.

Some of these are likely supported by your online bank so you can easily import from them. If the format is different, it’s likely that it could be converted to one of these.

Does Toshl Finance have a developer API? One that I could use to import my financial data?

Yes! Check out the Toshl Developer page for full API documentation. It’s a full financial API so importing should be a breeze. If you have any development related questions please contact us on API support.

At the moment, it’s only possible to work with your own user account using a generated token.


Exporting data

Is it possible to export data from Toshl?

Yes. Data can be exported to CSV, PDF, Excel.

Exporting to CSV is available with the free account, while other export formats require Toshl Pro or Medici.

Exports can also be set up as automatic monthly reports which are delivered to your email address every end of the month.

PDF reports are optimised for printing, are almost all in black and white and also contain rich graphic reporting.

Weekly, monthly and yearly email reports can also be set to include rich infographic-like graphs.

Are the sums per category or tag or account balances available in exports?

Yes. In the PDF exports and regular email reports. You can choose to include them or not when setting up the report.

Multiple mobile devices, family accounts

Can I use my Toshl user account account on multiple devices?

Yes. As many as you like. Just log in with the same email, password and Toshl will keep all your Android, iOS and Web apps automatically in sync.

Can multiple people, like my family members use Toshl together?

Yes. It will work well with multiple people entering the data and syncing. The only limitation at the moment is that you would need to use the same user account and thus share all the data.

You can use extra tags with names of people who added the expenses, or separate financial accounts to better discern who added what to the app.

We have more deeper group finance collaboration features in plans for future releases.

I’m planning to switch to a different mobile platform (Android, iOS). Do I have to pay for Toshl again?

No, you don’t need to pay again. The Toshl Pro or Medici upgrade is per-account. That means your Toshl Pro or Medici account will be valid in any Toshl Finance app, no matter which mobile platform you’re using it on. Just log in to Toshl Finance on your new phone and you will have Toshl Pro or Medici instantly.


What do I need to do to sync the data between different devices with Toshl apps?

Nothing. Just log in to the app and the system will keep everything in sync automatically. Syncing is done whenever you open the app or change any of the data so it should be done right aways and on all other devices in a few seconds.

If you’re really hellbent on triggering the sync manually you can do so by pulling down to refresh. For example, when you’re on the Expenses (or other) screen, pull it down to the maximum until the loader animation appears on top. This will refresh all your data immediately.

Will you make a desktop app for Windows or macOS?

Currently, you can use the web app on desktop, laptop or tablet computers. It will scale rather nicely to various screen sizes and provide a lot more comfort and data on larger screens. We’re considering native versions based on our mobile apps.

What about iPad and tablets in general?

The web app on will work great on a tablet. All you need to do is log in in your web browser. The interface will automatically scale to the tablet size, for comfortable use.

We’d like to make native tablet apps in the future as well, but that depends on other development plans and resources.

Categories and tags

I have noticed that some transactions from automatic accounts have incorrect categories. What am I supposed to do?

We try to predict the category and tags as best as possible based on the description of the transaction that was imported from the bank. How good that information is, as well as your purpose for buying at a particular store can vary.

If the automatic one doesn’t fit, you can correct the categories and tags. Once you edit and save, the categorization system will learn from your correction. When a transaction with a similar description comes in again, Toshl will remember your correction and use the correct category.

More details on the categorization system.

In some very rare cases, we don’t get enough information from the bank to enable a proper categorisation. This can happen if the description of the transaction isn’t available or always the same. In such cases, you can also set the categorisation to OFF when editing the bank connection and they’ll all come in as “unsorted” so you can remember to categorise manually.

Can I use my own categories and tags?

Yes. While we add a bunch of them when you sign up for an account, these are just suggestions of categories and tags most people would find useful. That way, you don’t have to set up the whole system from scratch. You can remove, edit or add categories and tags and thus completely customise it any way you see fit.

With transactions imported automatically from connected accounts, the categorization is done using a wider set of default tags. While you cannot change those default tags in advance, the system will remember and use your corrections to custom categories and tags for future categorizations.

How can I remove or edit categories and tags?

Log in to the web app on and go to Expenses / Edit categories & tags, or to Incomes / Edit categories & tags.

Click on a category or tag to find the Edit options. You can rename, remove, add or merge them.

Merging tags with tags currently isn’t possible yet. Tags can be merged with categories or removed though.

More info is available in the Edit Categories and Tags tutorial.

Toshl monsters helping you merge categories

Will you add icons for categories and tags?

Since categories and tags can be completely custom it would be almost impossible to find an icon for every scenario.

Luckily there are emojis. You can name a category or tags with an emoji and you’ll get a nice icon of your own choice.

May the emojis bring you much joy.  ❤️

Toshl Pro and Medici

If I change my phone or phone platform, do I have to upgrade again?

No need to upgrade again. The upgrade is per user account. That means that you’ll have Toshl Pro or Medici in any Toshl app where you log in with your account.

What happens if Toshl Pro or Medici expires? Do I lose my data?

If Toshl Pro or Medici expires, your account simply goes back to free mode without any data loss. The features which are limited to Toshl Pro will be locked, but you can still view the data.

For example, you have entries on a financial account that goes over the limit of 2 financial accounts in the free mode. You can still see all the data on that financial account, but you cannot add new expenses or incomes on that account. Same goes for budgets.

With Toshl Medici, the bank connections will stop updating automatically when your membership expires, but your existing data that was previously imported will remain on your account.

If you upgrade again, those extra features, accounts and budgets will simply unlock and refresh so you can keep using them as if nothing happened. The bank connections will re-activate automatically.

How do I update my payment method?

In case your credit card expired or you want to change the payment method for some other reason, simply upgrade again on or using in-app purchases in the mobile app. Your previous recurring payment will be automatically cancelled and a new one created with the new payment method.

The only exception are the iOS in-app subscriptions, which need to be cancelled in the iOS Settings. See the instructions.

If you used a payment service like PayPal or in-app purchases on Android and iOS, you can also update the credit card number on that service and it will charge the new credit card next time.

You can always check the validity of your Toshl Pro membership or change the settings in the user settings (Me).


Is Toshl translated into my language? Will you translate it?

Toshl Finance apps are currently translated into 10 languages: English, Slovenian, Chinese – simplified, Chinese – traditional, French, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish and Italian.

Both the web app and the native mobile apps are available in these languages. We hope and aim to expand the list of supported languages further in the future.

I previously used Google, Facebook or Apple ID to log in. How can I set a Toshl password?

You can use the forgot password form on the web or in the mobile app to set a Toshl password.

When (re)setting the password, make sure you’re logged out first and that you’ve entered the correct email, that you have previously used on Toshl. If you don’t get the reset password email, check the Spam folder with your email service provider.

Once you have set the password, you’ll be able to use either your existing social log in or the Toshl password to log in.

Have a question that isn’t answered here?

Check out our financial tutorials page or contact us via private support.

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