Toshl Finance – The Ultimate Mint Alternative

A new home for your finances after Mint

Try something new to organize your finances. With Toshl, you get much of what you liked about, like automatic bank connections, categorisation and budgeting. What you also get is more versatility, much better international support in currencies as well as many more bank connections worldwide.

Where your financial accounts come together.

A bank account here, credit card there, payment services everywhere. Do you really want to cycle through all their apps just to see how much money you have on the account balances? Bring them all together in Toshl.

Automatic categorization that learns from you.

The mission: to distill meaning from gibberish. Toshl analyzes the transactions and automatically categorizes and tags them. They’re then easier to understand at a glance and can be summed up by category. Made a category change? Toshl will automatically remember your choice for similar transactions in the future.

Mobile & web apps that fit the screen you’re using.

Toshl Finance mobile apps are available on Android and iOS. There’s also a web app, great for use on your computer, tablet or wherever larger screens offer more comfort in analyzing your finances.

On budget. Off worries.

Why budget? Because spending everything you earn is generally not a good idea. You should be saving a part of your income for emergencies, larger purchases in the future, or investments in a more carefree tomorrow. It starts by setting up a simple monthly budget for all your expenses.

What if you want to budget for something in particular? No problem, you can set the budgets to track only expenses with particular categories, tags or financial accounts.

The versatility doesn’t end there. Budgets can be monthly, weekly, daily or any custom period you like. They can also be set in any of the 200+ currencies that are supported in Toshl.
They can fill up automatically based on the amount of your incomes and roll-over any surpluses or deficits into the next month.

Currencies of the world.

More than 300 currencies with fresh exchange rates are available for use Toshl Finance. Country currencies are covered, many crypto currencies as well, even precious metals.

Toshl Finance apps were built from the ground up to support multiple currencies on all levels.

You can add expensesincomes and transfers in any currency. Customize the currency of budgets, financial accounts and freely switch your main currency, that’s used in all the graphs and sums.

Are you an expat used to thinking in your home currency, have bank accounts in several currencies and a travel budget in yet another? Toshl has your back.