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Ready. Set a Start Date for Bank Account Connections. Go!

With Toshl Medici, you can connect your bank account to Toshl and make it easier to track your finances and budget. Sometimes though, it’s useful to limit the span of the transactions that are imported. Perhaps you’ve decided to wipe the slate clean with a New Year’s resolution and only track your finances properly from the January 1st onward. Or perhaps you tracked that financial account manually earlier and want to avoid the duplication of data.

In any case, you can now precisely set how much data to import when connecting a bank or other financial account.

While the images presented here are from the Toshl FinanceĀ web app, this works the same way in the Android and iOS apps.

After you have connected your account, you’ll be presented with these options.Bank import time span options

By default, Toshl will import all available past data. From how far back the data can be imported will differ from bank to bank. With most bank connections up to 18 months of data is available, while some are limited to a few weeks.

You can also import from today on, or from a specific date of your choosing. Pick the date on the calendar, click Finish and you’re all done.

import date pickerYour fresh financial year can now begin in earnest…

monster treadmill…and the Toshl monsters will be here to remind you of your other New Year’s resolutions once in a while as well. ?

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