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Socks for Posts!

UPDATE: We have concluded the promotion, so we’ll no longer be accepting posts for socks. Thank you to everyone who participated!


I know, the title sounds a bit strange, but it’s true.

I’ll be frank. We, the Toshl team, would love to hear about your experiences with Toshl. We’d love it even more if you shared those experiences with your friends. Especially the positive ones. ;)

Did Toshl help you save money? Did you realise something about your spending that you didn’t know before? Did any of those rascals, the Toshl monsters, make you laugh? We want to hear it.

So, we’re offering a special promotion.

Write about Toshl, post it to your favourite social network or blog and we’ll send you a few pairs of our brand new Toshl socks!


Toshl socks all three

The post should be at least a few sentences about your experience with the Toshl apps. It should be published publicly and contain a link to

The social network account should have at least 100 followers or friends. This is just to make sure people won’t be making new fake profiles just to get the socks. Generally, if the post is legit we’ll send you the socks right away.

Once you publish the post, please send us the link of the post to with your shipping address and the size of the socks you’d like.

Check out the sock sizes and details.

We’re looking forward to reading your experiences and to making your feet dressed funkier than ever! :)


Co-founder & CEO, Toshl

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