Toshl Socks

Who says your feet shouldn’t be funky and fashionable as well?

We made some funky Toshl socks to help with that. The Toshl monsters helped too.


How can you get your feet into these socks?

Upgrade to Toshl Pro with the 3-year plan and we’ll add them free with your Toshl Pro purchase.


The socks are available in 3 sizes:
S (35 – 38 EU, 4.5-7.5w US)
M (39 – 42 EU, 6.5-9 US)
L (43 – 46 EU, 10-13 US)

The US sizes are approximate, since they differ according to gender. See here for the full international shoe size conversion chart.Toshl socks all three16a027f6-236b-11e6-8fe5-47aeb0e92adb 16ad2d02-236b-11e6-9d7c-2125321a502c 16a85d0e-236b-11e6-8db4-e50ec7dbf8acToshl socks laid out

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