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Sync Between The Web App and v1 Apps Restored

We have turned on the sync between the new 2.0 apps (v2) for iOS, the web app and the 1.x apps, like the ones on Android and Windows Phone.

sync compatibility

Previously, due to the situation immediately after the launch of 2.0, the syncing flowed only one way, from the v1 apps to v2 apps. Now the data from v2 apps is available in v1 apps as well. Syncing should now also be almost immediate.

We offer our sincere apologies that this took rather long to sort out. Due to some additional difficulties and testing, we needed to enable the full sync gradually to make sure that we caught as many errors as possible and enable seamless syncing.

The categories, tags and accounts from v2 will now show up as the usual tags in the v1 apps.

You will notice that a “Cash” tag has been added to your expenses when displayed in v1 apps. This is because every expense needs to have an account assigned in v2 apps. This account is then displayed as a normal tag in v1 apps. It cannot be removed, but you can assign a different account if you are already using multiple accounts in the v2 apps.

Any expense you add in a v1 app with tags which are categories or accounts in v2 apps will be automatically converted to the correct category/account or kept as tag once it syncs to the v2 apps.

Please keep in mind that only the types of budgets that were available before will sync to the v1 apps.

E.g. v2 budgets for categories cannot sync to v1 apps. Budgets for all expenses or tags will sync normally though.

Transfers between financial accounts will also remain visible only on v2 apps.

Free/Pro limitations of the v1 apps also remain in place. If you have a free account, you might not receive all the incomes or budgets you have set up in v2 apps where these limitations are a bit more relaxed.

Sorry again for the long wait, things will hopefully go smoothly from now on. If you have questions or encounter any difficulties, please contact us via Toshl support or send an email to

The full 2.0 apps for Android and Windows Phone are in development and we expect to release them in the first half of this year.

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