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Toshl Finance 2.0 is here

Today we launched Toshl 2.0 for iOS and the web app. It’s a major upgrade, in fact a rethink and rebuild of what we have been offering so far.


There are so many new features and improvements that it would be hard to list them all here. Most of them come from the feedback you, the users of Toshl have been giving us throughout this time, coupled with our vision of how we can help people improve their personal finances.

Among the features we’ve added are multiple financial accounts, adding of photos, locations, reminders, paid markers to expenses and incomes. We’re proud of our new data visualisations on Monthly overview, River flow, Budgets, Locations to name just a few. Budgets can now adjust automatically to your monthly incomes, the time periods for budgets can be completely customised and they play much nicer with other graphs.

We’ve introduced a much better structured system for categories, tags and accounts. We now suggest most of the categories and tags you’d ever need so you don’t have think up your own system if you don’t want to. But all of these are still fully customisable if that’s what rocks your boat.

Filtering by account, category, tags and locations is available across the web app and by accounts across the iOS app. Months and time spans in general are much simpler to navigate and offer more options than before.

Such major changes take some getting used to. We realise some of you will be unhappy with the changes, but we kindly ask you to give this new version a chance. Explore a bit, see what’s new and how some of the new things work.

In the following days we will be publishing a lot of tutorials to help with this task and explain all the functionality. Your feedback and questions will be crucial to help us improve the functionality as well as the discovery of it going forward.

We haven’t forgotten about our dear Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 (Android port) users. Sadly it was impossible to launch all the apps at once. We are continuing to build these apps and they will soon be making the transition to 2.0 functions and design as well. It’s difficult to say exactly when they will be available, but we plan to release them in the first half of 2016.

Such large changes can be troublesome and difficult to coordinate. Some transitional problems thus remain at the moment. Sync with the v1 apps does not yet travel in both directions, reset, delete account functions are unavailable and payment methods for Toshl Pro need to be greatly expanded. In some cases the migration of tags and budgets from v1 can be somewhat problematic as well. We will resolve these issues in the upcoming days.

If you encounter any problems or have questions about the new apps, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will do our utmost to help.

We are thrilled to have the new apps finally released. This is a new solid foundation we can build on and bring on improvements at much greater speed and quality than before. We can’t wait to see how the things we’ve built can help improve your lives and make personal finances a bit less scary and dare we say, fun?



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