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Track Your Spending With Ultimate Accuracy by Splitting

For a couple of months, the Toshl team has been working diligently on a new splitting feature for the Toshl Finance apps. We are introducing this functionality for people who enjoy having their finance under complete control. It’s now easy to split the total of any receipt into smaller parts in the Toshl apps and make the tracking of your expenses and incomes more precise.

The splitting functionality is very handy when it comes to managing the bills issued for multiple types of expenses. You can keep an eye on your costs and sort them better by adding different categories to the parts of the bills in Toshl apps. After visiting a grocery store, it’s easier to note your multiple types of expenses (e.g. cosmetics, accessories, food). Once the bill for this purchase comes in, you can find it in your Expenses, open it and click “Split”. In a couple of clicks, you will split it into different types of expenses adding relevant categories and tags. In this way, you could track all kinds of your expenses easily.

Splitting into categories and tags is especially convenient for Toshl Medici users who use an automatic bank connection, but it can be also used with manual financial accounts. Other than splitting into categories and tags, it can help you track your shared purchases, loans, refunds or cashbacks.

All in all, it will make tracking your spending more precise and easier.

The splitting feature is available for all Toshl users, no matter whether you’re on the free, Toshl Pro, or Toshl Medici plan.

To use it, just make sure that the Toshl Finance mobile app is updated to the latest version:

Toshl for Android (3.3)

Toshl for iOS (3.3)

The web app is of course always up to date. It also features a refreshed look, so it’s easier on the eye:

Toshl Web App for tablets and desktops

Want to learn more about the feature? Check out the splitting tutorials for Android, iOS and the Web App.

Just keep calm and trust the Toshl monsters. They will split your bills. With pleasure ;)

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