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Translating Toshl Begineth. Come and Help Us Out!

At Toshl we firmly believe in being global and we’re very happy that our apps are used around the world. We’re also big fans of diversity and great user experiences. Therefore it comes quite natural that we’d love to see Toshl apps translated in as many of the world’s languages as possible. We know a few of them ourselves, but we need your help to fill in the rest. We’d love it if you could help us spread our horizons and make Toshl easy to use in your language.

We put online a simple to use web interface to easily translate the Toshl apps and written some instructions to make it even easier to understand. Want to finally see the Toshl apps in your beloved native Spanish, Russian, German, Portuguese, Slovenian, Chinese…?

 How to Translate Toshl Apps With Ease 

As soon as the translations are complete enough we’ll publish them in the apps and on the web. We’ll also regularly reward our prolific translators with free Toshl Pro subscriptions and other more substantial goodies. Come and join us in making Toshl even more cosmopolitan!

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