How to Translate Toshl

At Toshl we firmly believe in being global and we’re very happy that our apps are used around the world. We’re also big fans of diversity and great user experiences. Therefore it comes quite natural that we’d love to see Toshl apps translated in as many of the world’s languages as possible. We know a few of them ourselves, but we need your help to fill in the rest. We’d love it if you could help us spread our horizons and make Toshl easy to use in your language.


How? Easy, we’ve installed a wonderful online system where you can help us translate without any complications.

Update: We have changed the system for translating Toshl apps, so the public translation interface is no longer available. Future Toshl apps will still be translated of course, but we’re doing the work behind the scenes. :) 


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1. Register

The first step is to register an account. These are different accounts than the ones you use on so you’ll have to create a new one for translating. It’s probably the easiest if you use the same email as with your account.
Register to translate Toshl
Once you fill in all the details you’ll receive an email. Please click on the link to activate your account and log in with your new username.


If you prefer you can also help translate anonymously, but that way you’ll have to fill in the CAPTCHA for each translation and all your translations will only be suggestions pending further approval.


2. Choose a language and project

Once you log in, please choose the language you will be translating to. Then choose the Toshl projects you can help us translate, like our mobile apps and the web app. If you speak multiple languages you can also choose an alternative language. These alternative languages will also be displayed when translating to help you better understand the meaning.  You can choose multiple options in all cases.

3. Start translating

Go to the Dashboard, click on the project you would like to translate and then on the “x words need translation”.
Translate Toshl for Android in Spanish
Then you’ll be taken to the actual translation screen with the English phrases already used in Toshl. You can enter the phrase in the language you’re translating to in the field below. If you’re not sure about the translation, make sure to tick the “Fuzzy” box before hitting Submit. You can also write us a comment with an explanation if you wish.
To help you with translating, some suggestions from automatic translation services are already provided. If they sound good to you, simply click them and move on.


We hope the system is easy to understand and that we’ll be able to make the Toshl monsters true polyglots together. :) We’re very grateful for your help with translating Toshl and we’ll be regularly rewarding people who make substantial efforts in helping us translate the apps. Thank you!
P.S.: A big thank you to our friends at Evernote for helping us set up this Pootle translation system and of course the developers who helped build it.