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WalletGear 2.0 – using Toshl on your wrist just got even better

At the end of October last year we wrote about WalletGear, an unofficial Toshl app made for Samsung Gear smartwatches by Anton Udal’yev. We’re very to happy to hear that he made a major upgrade to the app, so managing your finances from your wrist just got a lot better.

Here’s everything that’s new in Wallet Gear 2.0:
  • New icon
  • New UI
  • Every tab has its own colour: red for expenses, green for incomes, blue for budget
  • New description form for Gear S
  • Budget support. When you add it, all budgets are synced with server and then all calculations are going on watch: when you add expense or budget next date coming
  • Incomes support
  • You can see expenses and incomes for last month, older are removed automatically to reduce memory usage
  • Minimized traffic
  • Expenses, incomes and budgets are stored in watch memory
  • When you add something like expense it appears in list and watch performs all needed calculations without loading from server
  • Tags are syncs one time on first launch and stores on watch. You can sync it manually if you need from menu when picking tags.
  • Tags selector have index bar to allow you select it quickly
  • Currency support. You can pick it when adding expense or income.
  • Currency rate support. You should input it manually.
  • Incomes and expenses are grouped by date with number of items in this category. When you click it you can see details with currency operation was done
  • When connection to phone lost, watch automatically reconnect and complete operation. No more annoying “connection to device lost” with tapping again.
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