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One Big Android Update Coming Up (2.0.5)

The 2.0.5 version number might not look like a big leap, since we still consider these updates to be part of the core 2.0 functionality, but this Android update packs some seriously big improvements and important new features.


Expense and income graphs

Two important new graphs, both for expenses and incomes. One is the “donut graph”, displaying categories and their proportions relative to your entire spending. You can also tap on the parts of the graph to see sums for individual categories or a few of them together.

Expense graphs pie chart


Below the donut category graph, is the bubble tag graph that displays the sums of the tags and their relative proportions in your spending. You can tap on an individual bubble to get more details about the tag, such as the percentage of total spending, average spending per day in the time span etc. As with categories, you can select multiple ones to get a sum of them together.

As everywhere in the app, you can filter the sums in these graphs by time span or financial account.

Tag bubbles - all categories

In times of extreme financial distress, feel free to grab a tag bubble and toss it around a bit to relieve yourself of stress, at least a little bit. Especially the big bubbles. May they pop soon!

We’ve prepared a tutorial to get to know and use these graphs better: Expense and Income Graphs (Android)


Sums by tags in the expense list

This has been a highly sought after feature and for good reason. When looking at the expense or income list, you can now see the tag sums in addition to the category sums.

Just switch the expense list to “by category” by swiping to the right, then tap on a category. All the tags used on expenses together with the category will open up and you can see their sums on the right.

Tap a tag row and you’ll see the individual expenses nested inside it.

Expense list - sums by category and tag


New widgets

Many, many fun widgets. With monsters.

With the 2.0 version we added a more minimalistic Android home screen widget for adding expenses incomes and transfers between accounts. Just a + in a round circle. The monsters would have none of it.

They loved parading around on your Android home screen and no circular lesser monstrosity would take that away form them. So the monsters are back. Back in force.

Toshl monster widgets for expenses, incomes and transactions

You can now choose between 10 different widget variations. 9 monsters and the 1 regular + button in red, green or grey.

Any monster can be configured to open the adding of an expense, income or a transfer between financial accounts, right from your home screen.

There are two sizes available for the widget, 1×1 for the smaller, space conscious monsters and the 2×2 for those who want to enjoy them in all their glory.

We have also added support for many of the Android OS variations where shortcut widgets weren’t supported, so the widgets will now show up on all Android devices.


Italian language

We’ve translated the entire app to Italian. That makes for 10 languages we currently fully support on Toshl.

It’s a new translation though, so if you notice any phrases that could be better put, please drop us a line at so we can fix them. Viva l’Italia!


Bug fixes & minor improvements

  • transfers between financial accounts are now displayed with their own icon in the “by category” list
  • Monthly overview and budget graphs won’t interfere with scrolling anymore and the tap & hold lollipop comes up with a slight delay to make scrolling smoother
  • a problem with calculating “remaining categories” in monthly budgets was solved
  • budget graphs got lots of improvements and fixes for better precision
  • much faster expense list and improved loading of long lists
  • + button on Monthly overview which was missing before
  • the River flow graph now displays the Saved portion correctly when used with custom time spans
  • budgets are no longer filtered by accounts, it caused too much confusion, all are now always displayed as in other Toshl apps
  • a bunch of errors and crashes fixed


Download the latest Toshl Finance app for Android on Google Play

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