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Save Photos of Receipts and Invoices with Your Expenses (Web App)

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Also, a bird in the hand is supposedly worth two in the bush. Now, we are not exactly sure how much a picture of a bush is worth to a bird, or what’s the current exchange rate for bushes to ounces of gold, but if you’re going to buy some, you might as well add a photo of the receipt next to your records of expenses in the Toshl app. It never hurts to have things recorded in detail, especially when it comes to personal finances.

Remember that adding extra information to either incomes or expenses is done by following the same steps. We will present an example for an expense, but you would edit an income in the same way.

The option to save photos with expenses and incomes becomes available with Toshl Pro or Toshl Medici subscriptions.



1. Selecting the Photos feature

Let’s say that we’re saving an expense during a road trip through Norway. Also known as “the land of reasonable price tags”, the country’s landscape is laced with fjords, and we took a ferry ride to cross one. The price was 120 Norwegian krone (sign: kr, code: NOK), saved under the category “Transport”, paid in cash.

To get to the Photos feature, we click on the “Show more” button to reveal the additional options. Our selection is just on the bottom of the list.



2. Attaching a photo to your expense

Clicking on the “Photos” tab expands it to offer you two options for uploading your photo.

You can either drop it onto the window from your computer folder …

… or click on “Choose file” and select it from a folder on your device.

You can add up to 4 photos for each expense.

The entry can now be saved and the photos will be stored next to your income or expense.

The file formats supported for uploading images are PNG, JPG and JPEG.


3. Reviewing saved photos

Images are available for review in the entries’ details. Select the expense from the overall list …

… and click on it to bring up a detailed view.


You can also edit the entry at any time by adding more photos or removing them altogether.


Besided the receipts you can, for example, also attach photos of invoices and payslips next to your records of incomes. Add pictures of documents such as warranties of products you bought, invoices for tax review purposes, and photos of actual products and services you had just documented.


It’s always better to store too much info about your financial flows than too little, and it will give you a chance to come back to your entries at a later date and easily remember what those expenses and entries were about.


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