General Terms and Conditions

These general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "General Terms and Conditions") govern the relationship with the user of the Services (as defined below) in the context of visiting the website (hereinafter referred to as the "User"), which are offered by TOSHL d.o.o., Ljubljanska cesta 24D, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia (hereinafter referred to as the "Company").

The General Terms and Conditions form an integral part of all legal relations between the Company and the User and refer to each use of the Services in the context of visiting the website By using the Services the User consents to the General Terms and Conditions and all their integral parts, which together constitute a contractual relationship between the User and the Company.

The User is aware that the General Terms and Conditions regulate the relationship between the User and the Company only in the context of using the Services and that by using the Services he/she is also in a legal relationship with the company Toshl, Inc., which is regulated by the general terms and conditions available at:

  1. The Service
    1. The Company offers internet services to the User to provide consolidated information on payment accounts (the "Services"). The Services are enabled by the tools for tracking and managing of personal finances. The tools are offered in the form of online and mobile applications, where the User has different ways of entering costs, incomes and transfers. This can also be controlled with the categorisation of entries and additional tools such as personal budgets and analyses with different graphs and other visual displays. In the context of the Services, the Company connects with the payment institution at User's express request, through data aggregation partners that have the authorisation of relevant regulators for performing account information services. The Company and a possible data aggregation partner direct the User to the server of the payment service provider, where the User carries out a strong authentication. In accordance with the technical standards of the European Banking Authority (EBA) for account information services this authentication may remain valid for the following 180 days, and thereafter the User has to carry it out again. In the context of the Services the Company or a possible data aggregation partner do not store nor have access to the actual login data of a final customer at any point. Upon confirming the validity of the login data the payment service provider automatically transfers the data on the balances and transactions on the payment accounts. The data aggregation partner and the Company process this data with a view of informing better (e.g. cost categorisation, transfer detection). The Company then presents the data to the User within its online and mobile applications.
    2. The Company aims to process all the data as soon as possible. Data processing time may vary, depending in particular on the responsiveness and speed of the interface (API) of the payment service provider.
    3. In the context of the Services the Company or the data aggregation partner never store nor have access to the actual login data of the final customer. Upon confirming the validity of the login data, the payment service provider automatically transfers the data on the balances and transactions on the payment accounts through safe and efficient channels.
    4. In relation to the Services related to the provision of payment account information the Company expressly ensures that:
      1. it performs services only based on User's explicit consent;
      2. the personalised security credentials of the User are not, with the exception of the User and the issuer of the personalised security credentials, accessible to other parties and that they are transmitted by the account information service provider through safe and efficient channels;
      3. upon each communication it authenticates itself towards the User's account servicing payment service provider, and communicates securely with the account servicing payment service provider and with the User in accordance with prescribed regulatory technical standards;
      4. it accesses only the information from designated payment accounts and associated payment transaction;
      5. it does not request sensitive payment data linked to the payment accounts;
      6. it does not use, access or store any data for purposes other than for performing the Services explicitly requested by the User, in accordance with data protection rules.
  2. Consent to the General Terms and Conditions and changes
    1. By using the Services the User ensures that he/she has read, understood and accepted the General Terms and Conditions. As far as the User does not agree with the General Terms and Conditions, we kindly ask him/her not to use the Services.
    2. The Company reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions. The User shall be informed in good time of any change of the General Terms and Conditions. The User's further use of the Services shall be deemed as consent to the changed General Terms and Conditions. The changed General Terms and Conditions shall never apply retroactively. As far as the User does not agree with the changed General Terms and Conditions, he/she may stop using the Services and may terminate the legal relationship with the Company without any costs and with immediate effect.
    3. The Company may work with data aggregation partners in order to enable the importing of financial information. By using these services you indicate that you have read and agree with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of the respective data aggregation partners. Which data aggregation partner is providing a specific connection to a financial institutuion is noted when adding the individual connection.
      Salt Edge Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
      Plaid Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  3. Obligations of the User
    1. The User ensures that:
      1. he/she will use the Services exclusively for permitted purposes that are consistent:
        (i) with the General Terms and Conditions; and
        (ii) other relevant regulations and customs;
      2. he/she is the holder of user account in the context of the Services of the Company and at the payment institution, and has the right and/or authorisations to enable the access to relevant information and its processing;
      3. he/she is responsible for the protection of personal data that he/she creates or uses to access the Services, such as user names and passwords to access the user account in the context of the Services and/or to access the user account within the payment institution;
      4. he/she has the capacity to contract and disposes of all the necessary powers for the conclusion of legal relationship with the Company in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions;
      5. he/she will immediately inform the Company of any detection of a possible misuse or unauthorised use of the Services or security vulnerability at;
      6. he/she will not use the Services for illegal purposes or in an unacceptable manner;
      7. he/she will not perform or will not try to perform any automated use of the Services;
      8. he/she will provide correct, accurate and complete information;
      9. he/she will not in any way change (e.g. through reverse engineering) the software code and/or equipment to which he/she has access by using the Services;
      10. he/she will independently and carefully check the accuracy of the information shown within the Services.
    2. In case of suspected use which does not comply with the previous paragraph, the Company reserves the right to immediately suspend the User's access to the Services, of which it shall inform the User.

    3. If it turns out that the User did not use the Services unlawfully, the Company shall restore his/her access, however it shall not be responsible for any damage he/she would incur due to such suspension.
  4. Payable Services

    1. All payable Services ordered by the User are regulated by the General Terms and Conditions, whereby the legal relationship in relation to the payable services may be subject to additional terms and conditions of which the User will be specifically and clearly informed prior to the conclusion of legal relationship in relation to the payable Services and invited to provide his/her explicit consent.

    2. The subscription paid for payable Services will remain valid until cancellation. After the first period following the performed payment of subscription and after each subsequent period of subscription the User's subscription shall automatically continue until cancellation for an additional equal period at the price determined by the User at login. The User consents that his/her user account will be subject to the function of automatic renewal. If the User does not wish the subscription for the user account to be renewed automatically or wishes to change or cancel the subscription, he/she has to follow the instructions on the website or in the application or write directly to If the User cancels the subscription, he/she may continue to use his/her subscription until the end of the accounting period, while the subscription will not be renewed after the expiry of the accounting period. The settings in relation to subscription may be managed by the User in the user settings of the web application.

    3. The data on the payment method are managed by the User within his/her user account at the Company. If the payment is not successful due to bank card expiry, insufficient funds or other reasons and during this period the User does not edit the data on payment method or cancels subscription, the User continues to be responsible for any unpaid amounts and agrees with further charging of subscription that shall be charged in the following period.

    4. All payments for purchases when using the Services are within the limits permitted by valid legislation, are non-refundable and there are also no refunds for partially used already paid subscription periods.

    5. If the payment is not made on time, the Company has the right to suspend temporarily or limit User's access to the Services immediately. The Company is also entitled to withdraw immediately from the contract with the User with regard to payable Services if the payment is delayed by more than 20 days.

    6. The list of payable service plans, the list of available payable features per plan and pricing are available at

  5. Communication and minimum technical requirements

    1. The User agrees that all communication with the Company in relation to the Services takes places through online media (such as e-mail). The primary language of communication between the Company and the User shall be English, however the Company may communicate in Slovene upon User's request.

    2. To use the services you need access to the internet, average internet connection and a modern web browser. There is no need to install special software in order to use the Services. The User is aware that when using the Services, User's operator may charge costs for data transmission and/or other costs of wireless access.

    3. If the User's device does not meet those conditions, the Service might work more slowly or might not work at all. The Company is not responsible for any technical problems or their consequences arising from the non-fulfilment of technical requirements on the side of the User. The Company reserves the right to change the technical requirements for the functioning of Services.

  6. Protection of privacy

    For the purpose of providing the Services the Company collects and processes certain personal data of the Users, which is regulated by Company's privacy policy that is available on the website and forms and essential part of the General Terms and Conditions.

  7. Limitation of liability

    Unless applicable legislation provides otherwise, the Company and its employees or its associated companies are not liable for any damage suffered by the User in respect of the Services. This means including, but not limited to, lost profit, reputational harm or any other pecuniary or non-pecuniary damage.

  8. Exclusion of warranties

    1. Notwithstanding the fact that the Company wishes to provide the highest quality of services, it cannot ensure uninterrupted availability of the Services and reliability or accuracy of the information that is shown to the User within the Services. The User is responsible for checking the correctness and accuracy of the information shown within the Services. The Company is not liable for the damage suffered by the user or third persons due to the unavailability of Services, incorrectly or inaccurately shown information or broken functionalities within the Services.

    2. The Company does not ensure that:
      1. the Services will meet the User's expectations;
      2. the Services will function smoothly, promptly, safely and error-free;
      3. the results that can be achieved by using the Services will be accurate and reliable;
      4. the quality of Services, information or other items or services purchased within the Services will meet the User's expectations;
      5. all errors in technology will be corrected and rectified or
      6. a third party that will make decisions based on the information obtained from the Services will obtain accurate and reliable information and that such third party will make a decision that will be to User's benefit or will otherwise meet the User's expectations.
    3. The Services may be subject to geographical constraints, and consequently they might be unavailable in the territories of some countries.

    4. The User uses the Services on his/her own responsibility. The Services are carried out on an "as is"and "as is available"basis, therefore the User has to check carefully the characteristics of individual Services.
  9. Compensation for damage

    The User will compensate for unlawfully caused damage and related costs suffered by the Company, associated or third persons due to the incorrect use of the Services.

  10. Intellectual property

    1. The Company, its contractual partners or third persons are the holders of all intellectual property rights in the context of the Services. With these General Terms and Conditions intellectual property rights of the Company are not being transferred or disposed of in any other way.

    2. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the General Terms and Conditions do not grant the User any rights or licences in relation to intellectual property rights of the Company, including in particular, but not exclusively trademarks, domains or other characteristics of trademark, as also in relation to copyright works and other intellectual property rights of the Company, whether it is commercial or non-commercial use.

  11. Miscellaneous

    1. Should any part of the General Terms and Conditions be found invalid or unenforceable by the court, such invalid provision shall be used in the broadest possible form and in terms of the purpose pursued by the User and the Company. Such provision does not have an effect on the validity of the remaining part of the General Terms and Conditions.

    2. In case of any questions related to the General Terms and Conditions please contact Do not include personal, financial or other sensitive personal data in such message.

  12. Validity and termination of legal relationship

    The legal relationship between the User and the Company is established with User's consent to the General Terms and Conditions and remains valid until it is terminated by the Company or the User in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions. The User may terminate the legal relationship at any time with an e-mail or in accordance with the instructions available within the Services. Should the legal relationship be terminated by the Company, it shall give the User prior written notification thereof, apart from exceptional cases laid down in the General Terms and Conditions.

  13. Complaints

    1. Since the Company wishes to ensure the highest quality of the Services, it kindly asks the User to immediately contact the Support Service at in case of dissatisfaction or alleged errors in the Services.

    2. The Company will deal with your complaint as soon as possible and will try to resolve it within 15 working days from the day of receiving the complaint. If due to the circumstances of the complaint the response within the stated deadline is not possible, the User will be informed thereof. If you do not receive the Company's response or you are not satisfied with it, you can send a complaint to the local Consumer Protection Office, which shall be done within six months from the final response by the Company or after the expiry of the deadline for response. Further information in relation to the complaint procedure can be found at:

  14. Applicable law and dispute resolution

    The User and the Company will try to resolve all disputes arising from this legal relationship by mutual agreement. If the parties cannot resolve the dispute directly and by amicable means, the User has the right to submit a written request to commence the procedure with the alternative consumer dispute resolution provider. In such an eventuality, the Company consents to this request of the User. To facilitate the alternative dispute resolution, the Company assigns the alternative dispute resolution provider: European Centre for Dispute Resolution, Ljubljana, e-mail:, contact center +386 8 20 56 590, more info

    In accordance with the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act (ZIsRPS) and the ECDR Rules on arbitration, the Company has chosen the arbitration procedure, which ends with a decision binding on both parties.

    The interpretation of the legal relationship between the User and the Company shall be subject to the law of the Republic of Slovenia. The User is also subject to the rights arising from the regulations on consumer protection and other mandatory provisions of Slovene legislation.

General Terms and Conditions in Slovenian language

Splošni pogoji poslovanja

Ti splošni pogoji poslovanja (» Splošni pogoji «) urejajo razmerje z uporabnikom Storitev (kot so opredeljene spodaj) v okviru obiska spletne strani (v nadaljevanju » Uporabnik «), ki jih nudi TOSHL d.o.o., Ljubljanska cesta 24D, 4000 Kranj (v nadaljevanju »Družba«).

Splošni pogoji predstavljajo sestavni del vseh pravnih razmerij med Družbo in Uporabnikom, ter se nanašajo na uporabo Storitev v okviru spletne strani Z uporabo Storitev Uporabnik soglaša s Splošnimi pogoji in vsemi njihovimi sestavnimi deli, ki skupaj sestavljajo pogodbeno razmerje med Uporabnikom in Družbo.

Uporabnik se zaveda, da je Splošni pogoji urejajo razmerje med Uporabnikom in družbo le v okviru uporabe Storitev ter da je z uporabo Storitev tudi v pravnem razmerju z družbo Toshl, Inc., ki ga urejajo splošni pogoji dostopni na:

  1. Storitev

    1. Družba nudi Uporabniku internetne storitve za zagotavljanje konsolidiranih informacij o plačilnih računih (» Storitve «). Storitve se omogočajo z orodji za sledenje in upravljanje osebnih financ. Orodja se nudijo v obliki spletnih in mobilnih aplikacij, kjer lahko Uporabnik na različne načine vnaša stroške, prihodke in transferje. Slednje lahko tudi nadzoruje s pomočjo kategorizacije vnosov in dodatnih orodij kot so osebni proračuni in analize s pomočjo različnih grafov in drugih vizualnih prikazov. Družba se v okviru Storitev na izrecno Uporabnikovo zahtevo, preko podatkovno-agregacijskih partnerjev, ki imajo dovoljenje ustreznih regulatorjev za opravljanje storitev zagotavljanja informacij o računih, poveže z s plačilno institucijo. Družba in morebitni podatkovno-agregacijski partner Uporabnika usmerita na strežnik ponudnika plačilnih storitev, kjer Uporabnik izvede močno avtentikacijo. Ta v skladu s tehničnimi standardi Evropskega bančnega organa (EBA) za storitev zagotavljanja informacij o računih lahko ostane veljavna naslednjih 180 dni, po tem pa jo morat Uporabnik izvesti ponovno. Družba ali morebitni podatkovno-agregacijski partner v okviru Storitev na nobeni točki ne shranjujeta niti nimata vpogleda v dejanske prijavne podatke končne stranke. Ob potrditvi veljavnosti prijavnih podatkov, ponudnik plačilne storitve samodejno posreduje podatke o stanjih in transakcijah na plačilnih rač Podatkovno-agregacijski partner in Družba te podatke procesirata z namenom boljšega obveščanja (npr. kategorizacija stroška, zaznava transferjev). Družba Uporabniku nato podatke predstavi v okviru svojih spletnih in mobilnih aplikacij.
    2. Vse podatke si Družba prizadeva obdelati v najkrajšem možnem času. Čas obdelave podatkov lahko variira, predvsem glede na odzivnost in hitrost vmesnika (API) ponudnika plačilnih storitev.
    3. Družba ali podatkovno - agregacijski partner v okviru Storitev nikoli ne shranjujeta, niti nimata vpogleda v dejanske prijavne podatke končne stranke. Ob potrditvi veljavnosti prijavnih podatkov, ponudnik plačilne storitve samodejno preko varnih in učinkovitih kanalov posreduje podatke o stanjih in transakcijah na plačilnih računih.
    4. Družba v zvezi s Storitvami vezanimi na zagotavljanje informacij o plačilnih računih izrecno zagotavlja, da:
      1. opravlja storitve samo na podlagi izrecnega soglasja Uporabnika;
      2. osebni varnostni elementi Uporabnika niso dostopni drugim pogodbenim strankam, razen Uporabniku in izdajatelju osebnih varnostnih elementov, in da jih ponudnik storitev zagotavljanja informacij o računih posreduje prek varnih in učinkovitih kanalov;
      3. ob vsaki komunikaciji dokaže svojo istovetnost pri ponudniku plačilnih storitev, ki vodi račun Uporabnika in v skladu s predpisanimi regulativnimi tehničnimi standardi na varen način komunicira s ponudnikom plačilnih storitev, ki vodi račun, ter z Uporabnikom;
      4. dostopa samo do informacij določenih plačilnih računov in s tem povezanih plačilnih transakcij;
      5. ne zahteva občutljivih plačilnih podatkov, povezanih s plačilnimi računi;
      6. podatkov ne uporablja, ne dostopa do njih ali jih ne hrani za druge namene kot za opravljanje Storitev, ki jo Uporabnik izrecno zahteva v skladu s predpisi o varstvu podatkov.
  2. Soglasje k Splošnim pogojem in spremembam

    1. Z uporabo Storitev Uporabnik zagotavlja, da je prebral, razumel in sprejeli Splošne pogoje. Kolikor se Uporabnik s Splošnimi pogoji ne strinja, ga vljudno prosimo, da Storitev ne uporablja.
    2. Družba si pridržuje pravico spreminjati Splošne pogoje. O vsaki spremembi Splošnih pogojev bo Uporabnik pravočasno obveščen. Uporabnikova nadaljnja uporaba Storitev se smatra kot soglasje k spremenjenim Splošnim pogojem. Spremenjeni Splošni pogoji nikoli ne bodo veljali za nazaj. V kolikor se s spremenjenimi Splošnimi pogoji Uporabnik ne strinja, lahko preneha z uporabo Storitev in prekine pravno razmerje z Družbo brez kakršnihkoli stroškov in s takojšnjim učinkom.
    3. Družba sodeluje s podatkovno-agregacijskimi partnerji z namenom omogočanja uvoza finančnih podatkov. Z uporabo teh storitev izjavljate, da ste prebrali in soglašate s Pogoji uporabe in Politiko zasebnosti teh podatkovno-agregacijskih partnerjev. Kateri podatkovno-agregacijski partner omogoča posamezno povezavo do finančne institucije je označeno ob dodajanju posamezne povezave.
      Salt Edge Pogoji uporabe in Politika zasebnosti
      Plaid Pogoji uporabe in Politika zasebnosti
  3. Obveznosti uporabnika

    1. Uporabnik zagotavlja, da:
      1. bo uporabljal Storitve izključno za dopustne namene, ki so skladni:
        (i) s Splošnimi pogoji; in
        (ii) ostalimi relevantnimi predpisi in običaji.;
      2. je imetnik uporabniškega računa v okviru Storitev Družbe in pri plačilni instituciji ter ima pravico in/oziroma pooblastila, da omogoči dostop do relevantnih informacij in njihovo obdelavo;
      3. je odgovoren za varovanje osebnih podatkov, ki jih ustvari oziroma uporablja za dostop do Storitev, kot so uporabniška imena in gesla za dostop do uporabniškega računa v okviru Storitev in/oziroma za dostop do uporabniškega računa v okviru plačilne institucije;
      4. je poslovno sposoben in razpolaga z vsemi potrebnimi pooblastili za sklenitev pravnega razmerja z Družbo skladno s Splošnimi pogoji;
      5. bo Družbo nemudoma obvestil o kakršnikoli zaznavi morebitne zlorabe ali neavtorizirane uporabe Storitev ali varnostne ranljivosti in sicer na;
      6. ne bo uporabljal Storitev za nezakonite namene ali na nedopusten način;
      7. ne bo izvajal ali poskušal izvajati kakršnekoli avtomatizirane uporabe Storitev;
      8. bo zagotovili pravilne, točne in popolne informacije;
      9. ne bo kakorkoli spreminjal (npr. s pomočjo vzvratnega inženiringa ipd.) programske kode in/oziroma opreme, do katere lahko dostopa z uporabo Storitev;
      10. bo samostojno in skrbno preverjal točnost informacij prikazanih v okviru Storitev.
    2. Družba si pridružuje pravico, da v primeru suma uporabe, ki ni skladna s prejšnjim odstavkom, Uporabniku nemudoma ukine dostop do Storitev, o čemer Uporabnika obvesti.

    3. Kolikor se izkaže, da Uporabnik ni protipravno uporabljal Storitev, mu Družba povrne dostop, a ni odgovorna za nikakršno škodo, ki bi mu nastala zaradi takšne ukinitve.
  4. Plačljive storitve

    1. Vse plačljive Storitve, ki jih naroči Uporabnik so urejene s Splošnimi pogoji, pri čemer je pravno razmerje v zvezi s plačljivimi storitvami lahko predmet dodatnih pogojev, na katere bo Uporabnik pred sklenitvijo pravnega razmerja v zvezi s plačljivimi Storitvami posebej in jasno obveščen ter pozvan k izrecnemu soglasju.

    2. Naročnina, plačana za plačljive Storitve bo veljala do preklica. Po prvem obdobju po opravljenem plačilu naročnine, in po vsakem nadaljnjem obdobju naročnine, se do preklica Uporabnikova naročnina samodejno nadaljuje za dodatno enakovredno obdobje po ceni, ki jo je Uporabnik določili ob prijavi. Uporabnik soglaša, da bo njegov uporabniški račun predmet funkcije samodejnega podaljšanja. Če Uporabnik ne želi, da se naročnina za uporabniški račun samodejno obnavlja ali želi spremeniti ali prekiniti naročnino, mora slediti navodilom na spletni strani oziroma v aplikaciji ali pisati neposredno na Če Uporabnik prekliče naročnino, lahko svojo naročnino uporablja do konca obračunskega obdobja, naročnina pa ne bo obnovljena po izteku obračunskega obdobja. Z nastavitvami v zvezi z naročnino lahko Uporabnik upravlja v uporabniških nastavitvah spletne aplikacije.

    3. Podatke o načinu plačila Uporabnik ureja znotraj svojega uporabniškega računa pri Družbi. Če plačilo ni uspešno izvedeno zaradi izteka veljavnosti bančne kartice, nezadostnih sredstev ali drugih razlogov in v tem obdobju Uporabnik ne uredi podatkov o načinu plačila oziroma prekliče naročnino, je Uporabnik še naprej odgovoren za morebitne neplačane zneske in soglaša z nadaljnjim zaračunavanjem naročnine, ki se v naslednjem obdobju obračuna.

    4. Vsa plačila za nakupe pri uporabi Storitev so v okvirih, ki jih dopušča veljavna zakonodaja, nepovratna in prav tako ni povračil za delno uporabljena že plačana naročniška obdobja.

    5. Če plačilo ni pravočasno izvedeno, ima Družba pravico nemudoma začasno prekiniti ali omejiti dostop Uporabnika do Storitev. Družba je prav tako upravičena nemudoma odstopiti od pogodbe z Uporabnikom glede plačljivih Storitev v primeru, da zamuda pri plačilu presega 20 dni.

    6. Seznam paketov plačljivih Storitev, seznam plačljivih funkcij glede na paket in cenik so na voljo na naslovu

  5. Komunikacija in minimalne tehnične zahteve

    1. Uporabnik soglaša, da vsa komunikacija z Družbo v zvezi s Storitvami poteka preko spletnih medijev (kot npr. elektronska pošta). Primarni jezik komunikacije med Družbo in Uporabnikom je angleščina, vendar lahko na Uporabnikovo zahtevo Družba komunicira v slovenskem jeziku.

    2. Za uporabo storitev morate imeti dostop do spleta, povprečno internetno povezavo in sodoben spletni brskalnik. Za uporabo Storitev ni potrebna inštalacija posebne programske opreme. Uporabnik se zaveda, da lahko ob uporabi Storitev Uporabnikov operater zaračuna stroške za prenos podatkov in/ali druge stroške brezžičnega dostopa.

    3. Kolikor Uporabnikova naprava ne izpolnjuje navedenih pogojev lahko Storitev deluje počasneje oziroma ne deluje. Družba ni odgovorna za kakršnekoli tehnične težave oziroma njihove posledice, ki izhajajo iz neizpolnjevanja tehničnih zahtev na strani Uporabnika. Družba si pridržuje pravico spremeniti tehnične zahteve za delovanje Storitev.

  6. Varstvo zasebnosti

    Za namen zagotavljanja Storitev Družba zbira in obdeluje določene osebne podatke Uporabnikov, kar ureja Družbina politika zasebnosti, ki je dostopna na spletni strani in je bistveni del Splošnih pogojev.

  7. Omejitev odgovornosti

    Kolikor ni z veljavno zakonodajo določeno drugače, Družba in njeni zaposleni oziroma z njo povezane družbe ne odgovarjajo za nikakršno škodo, ki bi Uporabniku nastala iz naslova Storitev. To vključuje tudi, a ne izključno, izgubljeni dobiček, škodo dobremu imenu ali kakršnokoli drugo premoženjsko ali nepremoženjsko škodo.

  8. Izključitev jamstev

    1. Ne glede na to, da želi Družba zagotavljati najvišjo kvaliteto storitev, ne more zagotavljati nemotene dostopnosti Storitev in zanesljivosti ali točnosti informacij, ki so uporabniku prikazane v okviru Storitev. Uporabnik je odgovoren za preverjanje pravilnosti in točnosti informacij prikazanih v okviru Storitev. Družba ne odgovarja za škodo, ki bi nastala uporabniku ali tretjim osebam zaradi nedostopnosti Storitev, napačno ali netočno prikazanih informacij ali nedelujočih funkcionalnosti v okviru Storitev.

    2. Družba ne zagotavlja, da:
      1. bodo Storitve dosegle Uporabnikova pričakovanja;
      2. bodo Storitve delovale nemoteno, ažurno, varno in brez napak;
      3. bodo rezultati, ki se lahko dosežejo s pomočjo Storitev, točni in zanesljivi;
      4. bo kvaliteta Storitev, informacij ali drugih kupljenih stvari ali storitev v okviru Storitev dosegale Uporabnikova pričakovanja;
      5. bodo vse napake v tehnologiji popravljene in odpravljene ali
      6. bo tretja stranka, ki bo sprejemala odločitve na podlagi informacij pridobljenih iz Storitev pridobila točne in zanesljive informacije ter da bo takšna tretja stranka sprejela odločitev, ki bo v Uporabnikovo korist ali bo drugače izpolnila Uporabnikova pričakovanja.
    3. Storitve so lahko predmet geografskih omejitev, zaradi česar na ozemljih nekaterih držav mogoče ne bodo dostopne.

    4. Uporabnik uporablja Storitve na lastno odgovornost. Storitve se izvajajo na temelju »kakršne so« in »kakršne so dostopne«, zaradi česar mora Uporabnik skrbno preveriti značilnosti posameznih Storitev.
  9. Povrnitev škode

    Uporabnik bo povrnil protipravno povzročeno škodo in s tem povezane stroške, ki bi Družbi, povezanim ali tretjim osebam nastala zaradi nepravilne uporabe Storitev.

  10. Intelektualna lastnina

    1. Družba, njeni pogodbeni partnerji ali tretji so imetniki vseh pravic intelektualne lastnine v okviru Storitev. S temi Splošnimi pogoji se ne prenašajo ali kakorkoli drugače razpolaga s pravicami intelektualne lastnine Družbe.

    2. Razen če je izrecno navedeno drugače, Splošni pogoji Uporabniku ne dajejo nobenih pravic ali licenc v zvezi s pravicami intelektualne lastnine Družbe, kar zajema zlasti, a ne izključno, blagovne znamke, domene ali druge značilnosti blagovne znamke, kot tudi v zvezi z avtorskimi deli ali drugimi pravicami intelektualne lastnine Družbe, ne glede na to ali gre za komercialno ali nekomercialno rabo.

  11. Razno

    1. Kolikor bi katerikoli del Splošnih pogojev bil s strani sodišča spoznan za neveljavnega ali ne izvršljivega, se takšno neveljavno določbo uporabi v najširši možni obliki in v smislu namena, ki sta ga Uporabnik in Družba želela doseči. Takšna določba ne vpliva na veljavnost preostalega dela Splošnih pogojev.

    2. Za kakršnakoli vprašanja vezana na Splošne pogoje kontaktirajte V takšno sporočilo ne vključujte osebnih, finančnih ali drugih občutljivih osebnih podatkov.

  12. Veljavnost in prekinitev pravnega razmerja

    Pravno razmerje med Uporabnikom in Družbo se vzpostavi z Uporabnikovim soglasjem k Splošnim pogojem in velja dokler se ga ne prekine skladno s Splošnimi pogoji s strani Družbe ali Uporabnika. Uporabnik lahko pravno razmerje prekine kadarkoli z elektronskim sporočilom ali skladno z navodili, ki so dostopne v okviru Storitev. Kolikor bo pravno razmerje prekinila Družba, bo o tem Uporabnika predhodno pisno obvestila, razen v izjemnih primerih, ki so določeni s Splošnimi pogoji.

  13. Pritožbe

    1. Ker želi Družba Uporabniku zagotoviti najvišjo kvaliteto Storitev, naproša Uporabnika, da v primeru nezadovoljstva ali domnevnih napak v Storitvah, nemudoma kontaktirate podporno službo na .

    2. Vašo pritožbo bo Družba obravnavala kar se da hitro in jo bo skušala rešiti v 15 delovnih dneh od dne prejema pritožbe. Kolikor zaradi okoliščin pritožbe odgovor v navedenem roku ne bo mogoč, bo Uporabnik o tem obveščen. Kolikor Družbinega odgovora ne dobite oziroma z njim niste zadovoljni, lahko pritožbo pošljete na lokalni urad za varstvo potrošnikov, kar storite v roku šestih mesecev od končnega odgovora s strani Družbe oziroma poteku roka za odgovor. Nadaljnje informacije v zvezi s pritožbenim postopkom lahko najdete na povezavi:

  14. Uporaba prava in razrešitev sporov

    Uporabnik in Družba bosta poskušala reševati vse spore, ki izhajajo iz tega pravnega razmerja, sporazumno. V primeru, da stranke spora ne bota mogli rešiti neposredno in po mirni poti, ima Uporabnik pravico pri izvajalcih izvensodnega reševanja potrošniških sporov vložiti pisno pobudo za začetek postopka. V takem primeru se šteje, da Družba s tako pobudo Uporabnika soglaša. Družba kot pristojnega za reševanje spora priznava izvajalca izvensodnega reševanja sporov: Evropski center za reševanje sporov, Ljubljana, e-pošta:, kontaktni center +386 8 20 56 590, več informacij

    Skladno z Zakonom o izvensodnem reševanju potrošniških sporov (ZIsRPS) in Pravili ECDR o postopku reševanja potrošniških sporov je Družba izbrala arbitražni postopek, ki se konča z za obe strani zavezujočo odločitvijo.

    Za razlago pravnega razmerja med Uporabnikom in Družbo se uporablja pravo Republike Slovenije. Uporabnik je prav tako subjekt pravic, ki izhajajo iz predpisov o varstvu potrošnikov in drugih kogentnih določb slovenske zakonodaje.

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