Download Toshl Finance for Android

If you have an Android device which does not support Google Play services, cannot access Google Play in your country or would simply like to download the Toshl app directly, you can get it here. The app is available for download as an APK file, just open it on your phone and install. You might need to confirm that you allow the installation of this app from an outside source.

Download the latest version of Toshl Finance for Android

Most of the app is the same as the version available through Google Play. However, some features which rely on Google Play services are excluded;

  • Adding locations to entries
  • Log in with Google
  • Upgrades to Toshl Pro or Medici using in-app purchases are disabled. You can however still upgrade on our website and your Android app will be upgraded as well, as long as you’re logged in with the same user account.

Popular devices without Play services

  • Huawei devices made after May 2019
  • Amazon Fire tablets

Countries where Google Play cannot be accessed

  • China

Once you’ve got the APK down, perhaps it’s time to down a beer as well?