Interactive Brokers – connection instructions

To connect your Interactive Brokers account, you’ll need:

  • IB username
  • IB password
  • query ID
  • token

1. The username and password step is rather straightforward.

2. Once you’ve authenticated, it’ll ask you for your Query ID and Token. These need to be activated and copied from your IB account settings. Go to Interactive Brokers and log in on your profile.

3. Click on your profile icon top right, then click Settings.

3. You’ll see an “Account Reporting” section in the center column. Click on “Third-party Services”.

4. Enable “Plaid”. You’ll get the Token and Query ID there once enabled. Just copy this code and paste it into Toshl when asked for the particular info.

5. That’s it. Once you enter the token and query id info on Toshl, you’ll be able to complete the connection.

Couple of things to note here:

  • IB connections only update balances at the moment, won’t import individual transactions. This can however still be quite useful in tracking your account balance and total Net worth on Planning.
  • The “updated” time will only change when there is new info to import, even-though it will actually check for updates more often – this is true for all connections via Plaid (mostly in the US).