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New mini app: Toshl Currency for Android

We have something new up our sleeve today. A new app called Toshl Currency. It will help you quickly convert currencies, calculate tips and you can already download it on Google Play.

Download Toshl Currency

Toshl Currency helps you convert currencies quickly and easily on your phone. We designed it to be simple, effective, yet pleasing to the eye. Simply enter the amount in foreign currency that you wish converted to your home currency and it will be done instantly.
Here’s what it has going for it: 
– simplicity
– daily refreshed exchange rates
– 165 currencies
– calculator: add, subtract, multiply and divide to your heart’s content
– tip calculator, quickly add or subtract a percentage
Toshl Currency screenshots
The full story
Now that you know the gist of the app, we can give you some details on how it came to be. A while back Kaja Prah joined our team during her internship. She was interested in building mobile apps, especially the cross platform kind. So we came up with a project that she could develop relatively independently, but still learn a lot and actually finish a complete project. So Toshl Currency came to be.
Toshl Currency actually features small bits of functionality that we’re building into the next Toshl Finance. The design of the keypad and the icon share many similarities with it, as well as the calculator and tip calculator functions that will be making their way to the full blown Toshl Finance.
An important difference is that Toshl Currency is built with web technologies, whereas the regular Toshl Finance is completely native due to greater complexity. Kaja built the app using the PhoneGap framework. It means it could also be deployed to other mobile platforms relatively quickly, but it would require additional polishing and testing. So we’ll rather let it be for the moment as we focus on our big update to Toshl Finance.
We asked Kaja for a comment to go with the release and she said: “Until now I never knew how much blood, sweat and tears goes into building an app.” We certainly hope the experience hasn’t left any permanent app phobia as she did a great job and we look forward to her future projects.
So now you know. Go, try out Toshl Currency and let us know what you think.
Before you ask, yes we’re very busy building our major release to Toshl Finance and it’s on track for this summer on iOS and Web and a bit later on Android and Windows Phone.
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