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Toshl Tote Bags Come into Existence. Universe Pleased.

The northern hemisphere does not feel northern at all these days. Summertime is upon us and Toshl monsters are heading to the beach. To impress all the monsterettes at the seaside, they needed a stylish yet sturdy bag. At the same time it needed to safely carry their cigars and rum for just the right moment when the sun gently kisses the sea on the horizon.


Thus they created the Toshl tote bag. Made from 100% cotton, thick and strong enough to never buckle under the weight of your towels and rum bottles.

Of course it’s not only a beach bag, you can use it all year round as a shopping bag for your groceries. Make those ugly plastic one-time bags a thing of the past. Improve your shopping comfort and look better while doing so.

Enough with the teasing already! How can I get it?

The Toshl bag is sold with the 3-year subscription to Toshl Pro.
You can also combine it with the Toshl T-shirt and get both in the same pack.
Tote Bag + 3 year Toshl Pro subscription $59.99
Tote Bag + T-shirt + 3 year Toshl Pro subscription $69.99
Free shipping worldwide.

Get the bag now! 

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