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Free 30-Day Trial with Toshl Pro and Medici

Better a free trial, than a trial by fire” is what my grandmother used to say. Well, she didn’t really, but it sounds cool. Whether or not she really said it, she was right.

That’s why we’ve added a 30-day free trial for Toshl Pro and Toshl Medici in the latest round of updates in all Toshl Finance apps. You can now easily try before you buy and see how Toshl can help improve your personal finances.

Medici and free trial badge

How does the free trial work?

Anyone who is upgrading to Toshl Pro or Medici for the first time is eligible for the trial. You’ll be able to use all the features that the paid plans provide for 30 days. That way you can connect your bank, see how it works, analyze your finances with the Planning graph, try budgeting in more detail, add receipt photos to your expenses… Whatever tickles your fancy.

After the 30 days have passed, the subscription plan you chose will be automatically charged and extended. If you didn’t like the plan, you can cancel the renewal anytime before the 30 days have passed. The option to cancel the renewal is available in the user settings (Me) in the web app on, in the Google Play app or iOS Apple ID settings, depending on where you upgraded.


3-year plan exception

You can use the free trial with any payment method available on Toshl, be it on the Web, Android or iOS. There is however one exception. The free trial cannot be used if you upgrade to the 3-year Pro or Medici plan. With the 3-year plan, you also get a Toshl T-shirt or socks. Since we send these soon after your purchase and spend money on the goods and shipping, we’re unable to provide a free trial period with that plan.


Caterina de Medici

The Toshl free trial is a kind of trial even Catherine de Medici could approve of.

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